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More and Less

We've leveled the eCommerce playing field and loaded osCommerce with extras that previously only the big boys could afford at a price small enough to mean business.

If you want to build a business and not just a website then you need ozEcommerce Pro!

Do More

With advanced catalog management tools you can spend more time filling orders and less time stocking the shelves.

Load your catalog from a spreadsheet, update prices in a category on one easy to use page, move products from category to another in one simple step!

Sell More

We've streamlined the code and maximised your opportunities to add content to ensure nothing will prevent you from ranking well other than the amount of effort you put into it!

Whether it's a catalog page or an information page you can control page titles and URLs as well as meta-data.

Worry Less

Hosted on one of our PCI compliant servers with all files monitored for changes using our code control module, ozEcommerce is secure!

No need to worry about "ha-ha" hackers or credit card fraud.

We've locked it down, do you can stay up ...

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Tired of all the talk?

Just want to see a demo?

Then ready, set, go.

And later if you want to see Admin then contact us.

ozEcommerce Pro Featuressee the demo ...

Catalog Management

  • Enhanced Categories including description, URL, page title and meta-data
  • Enhanced Manufacturers including description, URL, page title and meta-data
  • Enhanced Products including unlimited images with thumbnail management and easy assignment of Product Options and Features
  • Bundled Products so you can group Products into sets
  • Product Options replacing the old Attribute function allowing for easy setup and management
  • New Product Features allowing you to filter and/or compare Products
  • New Featured Categories for home page and/or Category listing
  • New Featured Products for home page and/or Product Listing
  • New Product Sort Order with AJAX drop and drag
  • New Multiple Product Manager allowing you to delete, move or link products by Category
  • Product Review Approval to stop abuse/spam comments

Customer Tools

  • Account Registration
  • Order History
  • Order Updates
  • Purchase without Account
  • Pay by Phone
  • Save For Later/Wishlists
  • Recently Viewed Products
  • Compare Products
  • Filter Products
  • Sort Product Listings
  • Best Sellers
  • New Products
  • Also Bought
  • Cross Sell

Content Management

  • Unlimited Information Pages (*)
  • Article Module (*)
  • News/Blog Module
  • FAQ Manager
  • Link Manager
  • File Upload Tool
  • Flash Banner for rotating images
  • Banner Manager for random images
  • Image Gallery for press mentions and other useful things
  • Site Testimonials
(*) SEO Enabled

Sales Tools


  • Sales
  • Category Discounts
  • Coupons
  • Customer Group Pricing
  • Orders Graph
  • Sales by Customer, Category and Manufacturers
  • Sales Tax Report
  • Site Search Tool to monitor what people are searching on and what they don't find
  • plus standard osCommerce reports

Increased Security

  • Administrator Groups to control who gets access to what
  • New Backup Tool to handle large databases
  • Code Monitor to detect code changes and possible hacks
  • Removal of file editors including Define Languages and File Manager

"See the demo ..."

Want Less?

ozEcommerce Base


For those who don't need the full blown Pro version, we've created ozEcommerce Base built on RC2a. And as part of our give back to the osCommerce community it is available for free from SourceForge.

  • One Page Checkout
  • Featured Products - the most popular Add On for your Home page
  • Extra Reports
  • FedEx, USPS, UPS
  • SEO - the solution is fully SEO enabled for all site pages - intuitive URLs, page titles, meta-descriptions and keywords
  • Page Editor - so you can modify your information pages such as Shipping using a WYSIWYG Editor in Admin. We allow you to location information pages in any of three locations: LH column, RH Column and Footer.
  • Upgraded Banner Manager - locate Banners in the LH Column, RH Column, Home Page Center and Footer.
  • Upgraded Attribute Manager for easier creation and assignment of Product options.
  • Security - We have removed tools such as Define Languages and File Manager which are security risks to the site. Plus we have changed the database backup so it can handle large databases!
  • Code Control - our module to self-audit code to detect hacker intrusion
Plus we've added our template system to make it easier to change design. Or just use ours and load a logo via Admin

Download from SourceForge