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ozEcommerce is developed by ozEworks.

ozEworks are osCommerce Specialists located in New York.

When we started working with osCommerce many years ago, we realised in order for it to truly be a low cost entry point to online selling for our particular demographic then we needed to build a version of osCommerce that was preloaded with certain extras.

We built the first version of ozEcommerce using osCommerce MS2.2 and various contributions (now called Add Ons). We did in fact have to build it three times to remove all the bugs and remove conflicting code caused by those contributions. We learnt a lot about osCommerce in doing so and even more about the quality of various Add Ons – we saw the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

When RC2a came out we decided to completely rebuilt it using only our own code for any extras.  In this way we knew that the code would adhere to osCommerce standards and be defect free from the get go.  It would also be more user friendly for both the customer and the store owner.

The first version was releaseed in 2009.  After testing it for a year, we removed some functionality, refined some and add a little bit more to keep it in line with the expectations and needs of both online shoppers and store owners.

If you have not yet looked at our demo then please go see – you’ll be amazed …